Platform One Announces Launch of “Dojo DoD”

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Inspired by what is now a well-known practice among some of the top Fortune 500 corporations in the world and first introduced by the Target Corporation in 2015, the Dojo model has now officially made its way into an industry challenge that needs it most, government transformation.

“Since early this summer, Platform One and a group of cross-government experts have been working hard to design the first iteration of Dojo DoD,” says Robert Slaughter, Director of Platform One. “We’re sharing this announcement before launch as an open call to anyone interested in collaborating with us on its development. We believe the more organizations across the DoD and beyond who team up to build this as smartly and inclusively as possible, the better. It’s important to us that we consider many other functions and perspectives into the model, and who would like to participate in leading this with us, before its official launch later this year.”

The Dojo is a place help build processes and skillsets to advance adoption of Product, Lean, Agile, and DevSecOps. We believe this exists in various forms throughout the DoD and across the entirety of local, state and federal government agencies everywhere.

For the first iteration of DoD’s Dojo, the team is very focused on mastering the basics right out of the gate. Honoring the traditions around the age-old concepts of Dojo’s in the very traditional sense, Platform One is #missionobsessed to create this environment as a “Place of the Way,” for anyone wishing to tap into it. Dojo DoD will start by releasing services and programs centered around the principles most valued in the #DevSecOps ecosystems and expand as others contribute and user needs are identified far beyond the technical, which means for the first time, non-technical support teams in marketing, training, strategy, innovation methodology and more will find tools and learning opportunities to grow their careers with the support of the technical workforce in mind.

“When it comes to technology organizations, the difference between a good place to work and a great place to work is the culture. Come join us in sharing best practices for that aspect, which unfortunately, is too often forgotten. Culture drives transformation so let’s feed it the right stuff!” says Drew Belk, Chief People Officer of Platform One. “Too often we can be so focused on the technical workforce and acquiring top talent in that realm, while forgetting how many soft skills and experts are necessary to enable our technologists for success.”

The first offerings of Dojo DoD will be announced next week. In advance of that, Platform One has shared that the priorities for the release are centered around building the mastery of current work — with a very intentional focus on what it means to “onboard,” into a program whether as a new employee, a new vendor or a partner.

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